Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How to Install WordPress - Videos 1 - 11 -Part 1

How to Install WordPress Videos 1 - 11 Part 1

Wordpress Videos that you can hit Play and Pause to learn at your own pace

Video 1

Installing WordPress Using Cpanel

Video 2
Installing WordPress Manually- Using FTP

Video 3
How To Clean-up Your New WordPress Blog

Video 4

How To Change Your Permalinks Structure

Video 5

How To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

Video 6

How To Create Posts Using Your Dashboard

Video 7

How to Create WordPress Pages

Video 8

How To Use Images And Format In WordPress

Video 9

How To Install Plugins In WordPress

Video 10

How To Install Plugins Using FTP

Video 11

How To Update And Delete Plug-ins

This is the last Video of my WordPress Training for now be sure see the remaining  Training Videos Here

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