Saturday, 8 September 2012

Resident Evil 6 - Raccoon City review


 If your a Resident Evil fan here a couple of video reviews on the latest Resident Evil 6 -Raccoon City Check them out and please leave a comment on your thoughts and opinion below


Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City review.

 Classic Game Room reviews RESIDENT EVIL OPERATION RACCOON CITY from Slant 6 Games and Capcom.

 A totally boss action shooter that takes place during the 1998 Raccoon City events when the Umbrella Corporation kind of botched things a bit.... CGR 

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City video review features gameplay from the PS3 version of Resident Evil ORC (also available for Xbox 360), play alone of invite some friends for the "non traditional" Resident Evil experience where action trumps mood, suspense and storytelling.

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