Thursday, 19 July 2012

Marketing Your Business for Lasting Results

Did you ever wonder why some online businesses seem to flourish while others bite the dust day after day?  The answer to that problem lies in the marketing of a business.  You should plan marketing your business in a way that gets you instant and lasting results as well.
You are being marketed to in your everyday life and may not even realize it.  For example, you probably get grocery store ads in your mailbox or the Sunday newspaper every week.  Retailers know that you will see what they have to offer and at least one item will probably bring you into their store.  Television sponsors know which shows are watched the most and therefore put their commercial right in front of your nose, so to speak.  So why not use similar techniques for marketing your business.

If you have been struggling with how to get the word out about your service or products the most important thing you can do is build a list of customers.  The idea is that once you have a buyers list you can email them with your sales or updates anytime you wish.  You can start marketing your business with just the push of a button as you send out timely emails to them with freebies or offers.
So, how do you get started building a list?  Well, in order to get something you need to give something first.  For example, when people come to your website they need to see something that will add value to their lives.  This can be in the form of a newsletter subscription for tips in the area they are interested in, or a free report of some kind they can download.  Whatever you offer for free comes to the customer from them opting in to your email list by giving you their name and email address.  This really is a win-win situation for both the customer and the website owner.

In order to make marketing your business almost hands free you will need an Autoresponder service.  There may be a few free services out there but if you want everything to be handled professionally you should pay a small fee for the service and get a professional Autoresponder service such as Aweber.
There are many things you can use an Autoresponder for when marketing your business with email and below are just some of the highlights of using such a program.
1. Have prewritten emails ready and waiting to be sent the minute someone signs up to your list.
2. Have weekly or monthly newsletters sent to your list on pre-scheduled days.
3. Have access to templates for newsletters and emails that look professional.
4. Be able to broadcast a special message immediately to your list anytime you have the need.
5. Have access to templates for building the opt-in box for your subscribers.
6. Be able to have the Autoresponder service host your opt-in box if you don’t want to host it on your 
There are many more things you can use an Autoresponder service for and if you are serious about making a living online you need to start building your list immediately and getting into an email campaign for your company.
Email marketing is the most lucrative type of marketing there is so don’t miss out marketing your business with this avenue for the best results.  
Remember to always put your customers first when using email marketing.  Don’t bombard them with offers every single day but be sure and keep in regular contact with them.  It is important to send them free information or free downloads often as well as items or services you want them to buy.  This lets the customer know you care about them and not just the money.
When you think about their problems and help solve them, especially with free items, it builds trust with the people on your list.  People that trust you will buy from you too, so be sure and start marketing your business by building a list.

Authored by Arthur Casey 

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