Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Factors to Consider when Choosing Any Affiliate Marketing Program

The internet has enabled affiliate marketing to jump to unprecedented levels of popularity and profit. It has made it possible for quite a few people to quit their day jobs and concentrate on nothing but affiliate programs. The key to success in this area is picking the right program to market.

There are many factors to consider like number of referrals, what kind of tier system is in place, the type of support you and the buyer will receive from the customer service help desk but what’s the most important factor affiliates look at? The rated commission structure is the number one consideration they use in searching for the program to promote.

Specifically, we want to know a) how much do we get paid? and b) when do we get paid? This seems only natural as this is the main reason why we are affiliate marketing in the first place. If you are going to invest the time, money and effort then you should be well compensated. Unfortunately, however , this is the beginning and end in their decision to sell a product or service.

Above the compensation plan, the very first consideration you should have when choosing a program to market is the value of the product that you will be selling. The best way to determine this is to decide that if you, as a consumer, would actually purchase the product for you own personal use for the price that is being asked. If you wouldn't purchase the product you're selling as a consumer, then as an affiliate marketer, it's going to be hard to convince someone else to buy it.

That being the main consideration, it is not meant to minimize other factors when picking an affiliate marketing program. A big part of choosing the right merchant is still how and when you get paid.

This is not meant to minimize the other factors when picking an affiliate marketing program. A big part of choosing the right merchant is how and when you get paid. On average most merchants will pay you once a month either by direct deposit (becoming more popular) or mailing you a check. You usually have to accrue a certain amount before affiliate commissions are paid out. There are other merchants that offer different payment plans, so it all depends on your lifestyle and how you structure your affiliate campaign.

If it costs you money to join an affiliate program than you should find out: What you are paying for?, Why are you paying for it?, Are there future expenses?, What's my return on investment(ROI)?, and Is any of it refundable?

If you decide that shelling out cash to join an affiliate program is not worth it then the chances are you will find many free programs in your particular niche that have a reputation for quality products and paying on time.

Whichever way you decide to go, make certain that they have a way for you to track your sales and the more detailed the better. You really need to know where your referrals are coming from and if your advertising is working. Something else to find out is how long your referrals will stay in the merchant database because people do not always buy the first time around. If they decide to purchase the product a couple months after visiting your affiliate site, will the merchant give you any credit for the sale?

There are many other points to consider before joining an affiliate program. Do some research on the blogs and forums. Check out what people are saying good or bad about the affiliate program you are interested in joining. Always round up as much information as possible, make your decision, and them just do it.

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